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Probate Services

Probate Services…From Your Accountant!?

Traditionally, probate services have been the reserve of solicitors and the legal departments of major banks.

Butler & Co are however one of the few accountancy practices licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accounts in England and Wales, to offer these services.

We offer a professional and competitively priced service, providing a real alternative to traditional probate services, and giving you the reassurance that matters are being handled by people that you know and trust.

When someone close to you dies, dealing with their financial affairs is not the first thing on your mind.

Many people turn to a solicitor to assist with executing a Will, especially if the solicitor is named in the Will as an executor. However, dealing with a solicitor can land you will a huge legal bill.

According to the WHICH 2015 Report ‘The Cost of Probate’ the most common complaints include: higher than expected fees, delays and poor service.

The good news is you now have a choice. Licenced Accountants can deal with non-contentious probate, which means we can deal with all administrations that are not under dispute.

Butler & Co Chartered Accountants are now licenced to offer probate services.

We can provide probate services for our clients, their families and associates. This is how we can help...

  • Working with your personal representatives to assist with all their legal obligations.
  • Dealing with taxation issues to the date of death.
  • Obtaining professional valuations.
  • Compiling details of the deceased’s assets and liabilities.
  • Completing the inheritance tax (IHT) accounts and forms.
  • Claiming appropriate IHT reliefs and exemptions and calculating the IHT payable.
  • Applying for and obtaining the grant of representation. To guide you through the process of obtaining probate. A great deal of this process is accountancy driven and we would expect to be holding much of the relevant information.
  • Gathering in or selling the assets of the estate.
  • Putting you in touch with an Independent Financial Adviser who can offer financial guidance. Sometimes to obtain probate, instalments or loans need to be negotiated. Butler & Co has strong has connections with local and regional banks, we are well placed to assist.
  • Settling the debts of the deceased and arranging for the payment of inheritance tax.
  • Reviewing potential tax savings through a variation of the Will within 2 years.
  • Dealing with income and capital gains tax liabilities of the estate.
  • Paying legacies and distributing assets to the beneficiaries.
  • Helping with the final distribution of assets.
  • Preparing final estate accounts.
  • Preparing tax returns throughout the period of administration.

The level of service and support that you require from Butler & Co can be agreed at the outset. This is flexible and you can choose for us to assist in all areas or to focus in those areas where you need most help.

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